Idec Micro Driver

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The Fernhill SCADA Idec Micro driver supports these PLCs:

Model NameDescription
MicroSmartModular PLC
Micro3CCompact PLC with RS-232 and RS-485 communications
Micro3Compact PLC with RS-485 communications

The Idec Micro driver supports these data types: I, Q, M, R, T, C, D.

Fernhill SCADA Idec Micro Tags

The Idec Micro driver provides these tag types to support communication with Idec Micro PLCs:

IconTag TypeVersionDescription
Channel Icon Idec Micro serial channel 2.1 A serial port used for Idec Micro serial communications.
PLC Tag Idec Micro PLC Tag 2.1 An Idec Micro PLC Tag.
Register Block Tag Idec Micro Register Block Tag 2.1 A block of registers read from an Idec Micro PLC.

The Idec Micro tags you configure tells the driver how to interact with Idec Micro PLCs.

Fernhill SCADA IO Data Tags

You can use these IO Data Tags to represent individual data points in the PLC:

IconTag TypeVersionDescription
Analog Data Tag IO Analog Data Tag 3.12 Maps an analog tag to an external data source.
Digital Data Tag IO Digital Data Tag 3.12 Maps a digital tag to an external data source.
Word Data Tag IO Word Tag 3.12 Maps a 16-bit unsigned integer tag to an external data source.
Double Word Data Tag IO Double Word Tag 3.12 Maps a 32-bit unsigned integer tag to an external data source.

Autodetect Wizard

The Idec Micro Serial Autodetect Wizard searches serial ports for Idec Micro PLCs. The Wizard tries different combinations of parameters to try and find PLCs. If a PLC is found, the wizard will automatically create the correct configuration to communicate with the PLC.

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